Is aging a disease? Treating it like one could be worth trillions, study says. Investing in healthy aging — rather than fighting specific diseases — could have an economic value worth trillions.

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This is a point in time where technology might be at the point to actually solve this, and possibly could by now if we threw more resources at it


The US government alone has trillions worth of incentive to make this happen. On average about 61 million people in the US collect SSI, the average SSI payout is is $1500/month. That’s $91.5 billion per month paid out in SSI, or just over $1trillion/year. So a direct $1trillion/year savings to keep people off SSI longer. On top of that the 61million people will still be in the workforce paying income tax, which the average income tax rate was 14.6% across all US citizens for 2019 on the average salary of $31k. So roughly $4500/year in income tax, times 61mil people still being part of the workforce and they’ll bag an extra 274.5billion-ish in income tax alone. Now we’re up to almost $1.3trillion every year in the US alone for keeping people from getting old. If the tech is out there they’ve got plenty of incentive to find it. Once a few more major breakthroughs happen I can see them subsidizing the shit out of this.


I would buy one anti aging serum don’t matter cost


And I just got the “Lifespan” book in the mail 30 minutes ago and started reading it.


Decreasing air pollution would be a nice start. Also some way of making vegetables/healthy food cheaper.