Israel PM warns Unilever of “severe consequences” from Ben & Jerry’s decision

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Lmao “you better bring back that ice cream or there are going to be seveeeere consequences!” What a joke. Treat people like human beings and you wouldn’t have to worry about some fucking ice cream company pulling out of your war torn piece of shit country.


Ben & Jerry’s needs a ‘severe consequences’ flavor. They could falsely lable it as dairy free*.


Yesterday the PM said it was a useless boycott doomed to fail. Ok, so then what are you making a fuss about?


Damn Ben and Jerry better watch out before Israeli settlements start appearing on there farm !


“From Israel’s standpoint, this action has severe consequences, legal and otherwise, and it will move aggressively against any boycott measure targeting civilians,” Israel giving lectures on targeting civilians, that’s almost as rich as the swirl in a scoop of caramel sutra..