Largest Christian university in the US accused of enabling on-campus rapes

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Is this surprising? One day these so-called “Christians” will start making the victims marry their attackers again. Religion is disgusting.


But think of the guys that did the raping! A lot of the men at Liberty aspire to become ministers and leaders in their churches. If they have something like a rape or two or three on their record it will be a big problem for getting a job as a minister. By sweeping the charges under the rug Liberty is using the rape as a teaching moment for the men. They see Liberty’s example and learn the proper Christian way to handle other sexual predators they encounter as ministers and moral leaders of their communities. Besides, some of those men are likely to be quite wealthy, and Liberty loves its wealthy alumni. Especially the ones they have blackmail material on.


Well, they do prefer their women quiet, barefoot and pregnant.


And no one was surprised.


Jerry Falwell jr was blackmailed by Dump for an endorsement. These pricks have no shame. He took photos of his wife banging the pool boy. This shit has got to stop, how does anyone trust these guys. All they do is exploit people for their own gain. This guy was the face of Liberty University, makes me sick.