Leftist rural teacher declared president-elect in Peru

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Castillo defeated right-wing politician Keiko Fujimori by just 44,000 votes.


It’s the hat that put him over the edge


‘The United States, European Union and 14 electoral missions determined that the voting was fair. The U.S. called the election a “model of democracy” for the region.” Well that gives me hope.


> he is the first peasant to become president of Peru, where until now, Indigenous people almost always have received the worst of the deficient public services even though the nation boasted of being the economic star of Latin America in the first two decades of the century. > There are no cases of a person unrelated to the professional, military or economic elites who reaches the presidency That’s quite groundbreaking Edit: Thank you for the award!!


> Wielding a pencil the size of a cane, symbol of his Peru Libre party, Castillo popularized the phrase “No more poor in a rich country.” There are countries richer than Peru that could use this attitude.