Let’s Call the “Border Crisis” What It Is: Another Big Lie From the Right

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Y’all remember that huge caravan of thousands of people that were going to break through the border that disappeared right after the election? Yea same thing.


You mean the guys who told me that Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss were being canceled weren’t being honest with me about immigration?


Can’t we, at this point, just admit that “Right-Wing Talking Point” is a synonym for “Complete & Utter Horseshit”?


I’m in Laredo right now waiting on a load. Yea, there is a crisis at the border, the amount of commerce trying to squeeze through this choke-point is more than it can handle, Mexican truckers dropping their trailers, customs taking their sweet time getting them cleared, and me sitting in line waiting to take them to you is a crisis for my income. I get paid by the mile! Let’s move!!! Edit: Good news! I made it!! Between the Zetas, the Toecutters, and The Baseball Furies… it was close. But once I got to the Flying J I was safe. Flying J is neutral ground.


Same with rising crime. Same with police death rates. Same with fiscal responsibility. Basically every position they have is calculated to cause fear in their ignorant base.