LPT: Always debrief. After a relationship, major work project, basically any big event in your life, take some time to explore what went right, what went wrong and why. Actively doing this is your best chance of avoiding repeating the mistake, but you’ll also make better decisions in the future.

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This is very true but you also need to make it a debrief, not a deforever. Don’t spend the rest of your life kicking yourself for being a human who makes mistakes.


My last relationship before my wife was a complete shit show – People like to remind me all the time of how bad it was, as if I don’t remember. Its been 5 years at this point and people still remind me “of her,” hell I can’t go a week without my [much older] neighbor saying something like “you’re lucky you found a good one. . .Not like that other one, she was awful.” . These types of people are also saying things like, “if only you met sooner,” blah blah blah. I kindly disagree with them and tell them that had I met my now wife earlier we likely would have broken up a dozen times. And that it’s only because of the lessons I learned via the last relationship [how not to treat somebody] that kept us on the right track.


“No, I. I. Break up with you! Now, would you stop crying and take 15 minutes to fill out this exit survey?”


You mean by yourself right? Not with the others? Caus it would be very different