LPT: Don’t argue with people on online platforms. People tend to be more defensive of their opinions and more aggressive with their words. It will only ruin your day and waste your time.

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Wow, that’s about the laziest repost I’ve ever seen


Same as reposting someone else’s idea to farm karma.


I’m going to disagree with everyone saying that this is lazy. I think that it’s very thoughtful to repost and thus give credit to the original poster. Maybe you don’t agree with the LPT, but reposting and giving credit to the original person is way better than straight up copying it, pasting it, and posting it as your own. That type of reposting sucks, because someone is benefitting on the OPs creativity. Also, and this might be unpopular, but I don’t get to see everything that goes across Reddit and reposts give me a chance to see content that I missed. It also reminds me of things that I saw but forgot. This is just my opinion, please feel free to disagree but also please appreciate it as a personal perspective.


An online argument has never ruined my day or even upset me. And I’ve been engaging in them since 1996