LPT: If you have elderly parents, tell them about scams that target older people.

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True! But go farther. In explaining this to my mother, I’ve told her if a bank or credit card company calls her, tell them you’ll call back. Get a name and department. *Then go get your statement or the card and call that number.* I set myself as the admin on her computer and have anti-malware installed. She has to wait for me on everything other than automatic Windows updates. Her account is on the child-safe settings.


This is important. These scams nowadays as you said are targeted to prey on elderly people or those who may not speak/understand English well, and many seniors use computers and e-mail and could fall prey to these types of things. My grandmother was the funniest when the phone scam where someone would call and say something along the lines of, “your computer is broken, we need your CC/SIN number to fix it” and she responded with “How do you know my computer is broken? How would that even be possible?” Guy hung up because she sounded old on the phone lmao and they weren’t expecting that. Forever respected my grandma’s sass that day.


Will they remember? Better yet, help them by setting up auto pay and you keep track of deductions from their checking accounts. An extra pair of eyes to lessen their burden helps. A few years before my mom passed, she had problems with basic math and couldn’t reconcile her banking statements. The bank statements were fine but she was not and was experiencing cognitive decline which caused her more distress.


Look for Dr. Phil videos on the subject. I don’t like the man, but most senior citizens respect him. The shows he’s done about online and phone scams are accurate and shown in a way people who aren’t experienced with technology can understand.