Man convicted of murdering his wife on an Alaskan cruise is found dead in his prison cell

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>After hearing screams from the room, the girls went to a connected balcony and saw their father straddling their mother on the bed striking her on the head with his fists Wow, so not only were they on the trip, they saw the whole thing. And now they have no parents at all. I really, really hope their extended family is relatively loving and sane. The crazy thing is, you would think that asking for a divorce would be safe if you’re surrounded by family and other tourists, and your kids are there. It’s not like you’re in a remote location. But that didn’t protect her.


Those poor girls. They witnessed their father kill their mother and then the coward killed himself.


He beat her to death in a fit of rage – are we suppose to believe this is the first time he hit her? Or any woman? Domestic violence is like the pit bulls of people.


When I read stories like this, I always wonder what the abuser did prior to the murder. Abusers don’t go from zero to beating their spouse to death like that. Was the wife beaten before? Did the kids often witness his violent behavior? Did the extended family know? I don’t believe for one minute that his behavior was some sudden psychotic/drug-induced/crazed event as his lawyer suggested at one time. If that was the case, the family would have immediately called security and ask for the EMTs instead of waiting until he killed her and tried to dump her body into the ocean (per another article).


Shit was crazy, I lived in Ketchikan when that happened and a week before he killed her I actually had a friend who gave a tour to him and his family.