Many people are “ok” with natural selection – until they are the ones selected.

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Selected, in the context of natural selection, means survival, as in, being selected to survive, so yes, we are happy with this out come!


Reminds me of this guy who said short people should get less food because of “survival of the fittest” He was 5’7… He also said that if people don’t reproduce then they’re “generic failures”, my school was a weird place


Not at all. I’m not soo selfish as to require genetic offspring if they will suffer due to some fuckery with my dna. Were quickly headed towards a world where we require ultra modern medicine for basic survival. More and more people require surgery at birth to live a quality life, more and more people are getting cancer and genetically inherited issues. With a dwindling environment and antibiotic resistance, we are headed to a big crunch when we can no longer fix all the problems we’ve been collecting as a species


We are naturally selected to not want to be ‘naturally selected’. That’s the point of natural selection.


Everyone complains that the world is overpopulated, but don’t consider that they or their kids are the “one too many”