Moroccan man held 19 years without charges released from Guantanamo

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It’s mind boggling the international community and western governments who supposedly cares so much about freedom and human rights have essentially ignored what’s been happening at Guantanamo for the past 20 years


Well if he didn’t hate Americans 20 years ago… we definitely gave him a reason


Held as a prisoner for 19 years, the man was like 37 years old when he got captured and is now 56. Life is going to be so ridiculously hard for him now. He’s going to have difficulty adjusting. This isn’t just *any* prisoner being released. Guantánamo Bay was a horrible place. Physical and psychological torture, separation from his family, hunger striking, force-feeding, and beatings… I feel really bad for Abdul Latif Nasir. He is going to be approached by a lot of people interested in using him for their causes. He is very intelligent and if he ends up being the face of jihad in the future, we must understand that the U.S. added to the level of influence he has for just about any cause. Just because Al Qaeda is not a huge player anymore doesn’t mean he has nowhere to go. At the same time though, if he ends up dedicating the rest of his life to promoting peace and love, I’m going to be awe shocked and amazed. The willpower it takes to not want revenge after 19 years of hell is nothing more than amazing.


The persistent violation of basic human rights (by design!) @ Guantanamo is an ongoing international embarrassment. To this day, a lot of American apathy/support for what is happening there comes down to wanting retribution for 9/11 and a desire to see ‘terrorists’ face consequences. Look, I get it. As a native New Yorker, I really do. But locking people up for almost two decades without pressing any charges is completely obscene. If someone in U.S. custody is a suspected terrorist, charge and prosecute. If there is not enough evidence to do that, then you can’t just indefinitely detain him. Well, you can under the guise of the “war on terror” which remains an incredibly potent propaganda tool in getting the masses to shrug their shoulders and ignore their own government violating human rights.


If he did not want to see the US destroyed before; now he does.