My oldest son is entering 1st grade, we are in a small farm town with 7 churches in it. How do I explain to him that most of the kids he is going to meet believe in a god and a afterlife? Ive been trying my best but hard to find the right words.

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I don’t see anything good coming out of keeping your kids sheltered or isolated. Just talk to them *about* religion. You don’t have to teach them religion or indoctrinate them, but it’s good to know about things other people believe in. Like how in ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, Babylon, the Aztec empire, etc. people believed in all sorts of different gods, and now there are people that believe in other gods. You don’t have to antagonize religious people either; just tell your kids it’s something people like to do when they don’t have answers, but it is not really helpful in real life. I think learning about multiple religions is a way to sort of “vaccinate” your kids against indoctrination into a particular religion.


Use comics. God makes a lot of sense in the context of Superman and Thor. Tell them a couple of Bible stories and then a few Batman stories to let them understand them as the same thing. They can then engage with the other kids and get the references they’re making and not worry for a while about how some of their friends actually believe that there’s a magic island in the middle of the ocean with a bunch of warrior women hanging around in skimpy clothes.


Expose your kids to many religions so they understand it to be a cultural development instead of science


Teach them as if you were teaching them about Greek or Roman mythology. It is the same thing after all. In a few hundred years maybe everyone will be believing in Scientology and wondering how people were believing in Christian mythology. Just make sure they have to tools to question and think critically about things that come up so they can make good choices on their own


My daughter is 4.5 and going into preschool, I’m worried about the same things. My plan is to try and teach tolerance vs hate but also just explain that religions are based on books and it would be like basing you’re entire life on a Pete the Cat book because he said something was groovy.