Nvidia Shield TV Owners Are Pissed About the Banner Ads in Android TV – The continued expansion of ads in smart devices is really starting to get on people’s nerves.

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I am so fucking sick of advertising in everything. If I pay a premium for something, putting ads on it to is the biggest “fuck you” the company can give me. It makes me damn sure to keep using adblockers on everything, buying no hardware that does this bullshit, and since the last few times I bought movies on discs they insisted on cramming unskippable ads in before the feature: torrenting guilt free.


If my TV came with built in ads, I would immediately return it. I never gave my “smart” TV the wifi password. It’s merely a dumb monitor for my computer. That way I have much greater control.


That’s why I refuse to buy Samsung TVs, phones, watches… No respect for their customers. Hell, there is a very conveniently located gas station near me that I will **never** go to again because they play ads while you fill your tank.


👏NEVER👏PAY👏FOR👏ADVERTISING👏 If I pay for shit and it gets loaded with advertising I’m done, bye. Pick a revenue stream you don’t get both because all advertising will eventually get as bad as it is in things that are already free (see: cable vs broadcast TV)


I always praised the Shield as one of the best pieces of tech I have ever purchased but this sure pisses on that comment. At least still you can block this out by using a different launcher