Officer of the Year in El Monte didn’t work a single day in 2020

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Did anyone actually read the article? > “I feel (Molina) received the votes as a joke or a way to send a message of dissatisfaction,” Sgt. Jimmie Pitts said in an email sent to the entire City Council the night before the June 29 council meeting. “If the public or media learned that the City Council publicly recognized a police officer who did not work a single day in 2020, but was paid his full salary for the entire year, it could bring unneeded negative attention to our EMPOA, City and Police Department,” Pitts said in his email. Sounds to me like some of those voting were pretty smart. Otherwise we wouldn’t hear about this corruption.


“According to information provided by the city and Police Department, Molina received more than $205,000 in monetary compensation and benefits during his 19-month leave.” The system is fucking broken.


He was the only one with no complaints……


Officer of the year 2020: – 0 Complaints in 2020. – 0 Appeals to hit tickets in 2020. – Did everything what he was asked for.


This story is all kinds of screwed up. That poor kid. Detective Yanez deserves the award.