Pegasus Project: Apple iPhones compromised by NSO spyware

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This isn’t even about an operating system. This is about an industry designed around creating spyware. Don’t think the spyware is just targeting iOS or Android. The spyware is also targeting the Bluetooth chip on your phone. The radio chip on your phone. The USB chip on your phone. If you use a phone and if there’s anyone who has enough money that wants to target you, then there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop it. If you go to protest the government, leave your phone at home. If you want to organize against a powerful corporation, don’t do it from your phone. If you are involved in politics, unions, law (either side), banking, or any other major institution where 100% transparency isn’t a good thing, you shouldn’t have your phone anywhere near you.


So no info on how to avoid infection or detect if you’ve been compromised? So what exactly is an iMessage zero click attack? Someone I don’t know sends me a text, and even without clicking on it, I’m hacked? Would be nice to get some info.


NSO Group are essentially, state-sponsored hackers. They are an entire company, with a license and authorization in the country they operate in. What should be crime is a business. Just wow.


From the article: “Thousands of Google Android phones were also selected for targeting, but unlike iPhones their operating systems do not keep accessible logs useful for detecting Pegasus spyware infection.” So don’t feel smug about Android superiority or the downfall of Apple, at least not yet. This means that iOS at least gives us the means to verify if they phone has been compromised in this way, while Android leaves you blind.


I feel like a lot of people are missing the current pressing issue. This is not about they layman’s security but about despotic countries using software ostensibly mean for fighting terrorism to target journalists, activists, and researchers. This is a human rights issue and NSO needs to take responsibility, but ya’ll can chill about someone stalking you