Poll: Two-thirds of AZ Democratic primary voters would back primary challenge to Sinema over filibuster reform

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She needs to go, but not be replaced with a Republican. I hope this is accurate.


I really don’t understand Sinema’s game plan here. Arizona is a state that is shifting blue. No, it’s not a super progressive state yet, but a more moderate to progressive approach seems like a solid political move to make. Instead she’s going hard right on a lot of these issues. Republicans aren’t going to vote for a Democrat no matter how much she kisses up to them. Just the fact that she’s pro-choice will mean most Republicans will never vote for her. So why is she spurning the voters who elected her for a group that will never support her? At least with Manchin he’s from a state that Voted for Trump by like 70%. He might not align with most Democrats, but he does align with most people in his state. Sinema can’t say the same.


I see a lot of right winger commercials endorsing Sinema saying she’s great while Kelly is too liberal. That’s where we are at with Sinema. I’m planning on spending well into the 5 figures on making sure she never gets elected again.


Good. Time to stop fncking around & get things accomplished…


Will vote in the primary. My #1 criteria for a candidate is “not Sinema”.