Reduced total protein consumption, not amino acid composition, seems to be responsible for health effects observed in plant-based diets

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Why can’t you just post the same title as the article? >Why a meat-free diet boosts health: protein levels might hit the spot Most of Reddit will just assume you’re alluding to negative effects and the comments will be full of ppl spewing anecdotal nonsense… Plus the study itself was done on mice and needs further investigations to determine how the human body is impacted Another day, more clickbait plus reddit titles


>*Mice given the most protein had higher blood levels of sugar and fat than mice that consumed less protein, regardless of the protein source.* Welp. That’s it. 10 years from now there’ll be a new fad low-protein diet.


I tend to eat a high level of protein (together with high fibre) because I have read that it will keep me fuller and therefore help me stay a healthy weight. On the one hand, not getting back to an obese weight seems to be the most important thing for my health, but on the other hand, I keep on reading things about low protein being healthier. I guess my question is, as a person who tends towards obesity, how do I keep the weight off, without feeling like I’m starving, and without eating higher protein levels?


Op here is misleading. The title of the article is different.


Please refer to rule 3 OP ​ *3.* *No editorialized, sensationalized, or biased titles*