Report Finds Big Telecom Spends $230,000 on Lobbying Every Day: Telecom giants spent $234 million during the 116th Congress to ensure US broadband remained spotty, crappy, and expensive.

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That’s $234 million of the money *we pay them* for that spotty, shitty service they provide. Just another excellent example of why we need to make corruption illegal in this country. Broadband internet should absolutely be a regulated public utility.


Imagine how good the internet would be if they spent that money on internet


Don’t forget the money and tax breaks they have received for infrastructure and expansion of services to Americans in need of reliable communication services.


How is the Internet not a public utility by now. After a year of remote working, it’s obvious that the Internet is 100% essential. These companies should be held to a higher standard and regulated to ensure that everyone gets easy access to the Internet. There are so many examples in r/scificoncepts and in daily life about what happens when a group controls access to resources and information. So making the Internet freely accessible to all at a reasonable speed is essential.


There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of Men for this treachery.