Scientists Create the World’s Toughest Self-Healing Material – In fact, this material could help repair cracked mobile phone screens in less than a second.

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And there it goes in the huge drawer for promessing yet suddenly disappearing inventions…


Can’t make money on replacement parts and repairs if the screens fix themselves. Unless one company has the balls to actually do it and it actually takes customers away from the big players. But Samsung/Apple will never adopt this imo.


“scientists create” usually is followed by some shit that we’ll never see in real life because…<insert a shot of reality here> I sometimes feel there’s this whole pipeline of inventions just waiting at the factory holding area, just waiting to be made.. right after they finish assembling the cure for cancer, diabetes, and other stuff. Call me when it’s like COVID, which unlike that funding BS vaporware is real, out in the wild, and possibly *created* by scientists.


You invent a fantastic new material and the best you can come up with to help Humanity in these times of global problems is mobile phone screens???


“Could” is the operative word here. If only we didn’t live in a world of planned obsolescence.