Seattle study of breast milk from 50 women finds chemical used in food wrappers, firefighting foam

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My brother is an environmental specialist. PFAS is in almost EVERYTHING. Your frying pan coatings, your glasses lenses, plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic, plastic, plastic. Anything waterproof or water resistant. When he takes samples of water suspected of PFAS contamination he has to wear cotton or linen. Can’t wear deoderant, lotion, or sunscreen (all has PFAS). Has to use an amber glass receptacle to collect it. All these things so he doesn’t contaminate the sample.The most concerning types are PFOS and PFOA. It’s a huge, huge problem right now.


146 parts per TRILLION. Not million, not billion, trillion. To put it in perspective, a single person would be right about 146 part per trillion of the human race.


The terms “chemical” and “found in” just seem awfully disingenuous. Formaldehyde is “Found in” Pears.


I dislike sensationalist headlines like this because it serves to discredit the very real endocrine destruction that’s been going on from things like phthalates and who knows what else. Male sperm attributes have declined steadily and male babies are being born with smaller anal perenial distance than ever before progressing over the past 60 years.


do these chemicals negatively effect the baby ingesting them? can they be filtered out by current technology?