Semiconductor Stocks- Boom or Bust?

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Short term bust, long term and very long term they’re going to the moon. Our lives demand more and more of the little things, never less


>You can’t keep growing and producing more revenue if you can’t produce inventory fast enough to keep up with the demand, meaning the companies earnings won’t be able to grow at the same rate as the share price They can raise prices


A lot of people here recommend SOXX but personally I prefer SMH I like TSMC, AMD, and Nvidia both are good but I’m constantly buying SMH


Semiconductors may not boom, but theres no way they bust. It would require a groundshaking technological breakthrough to put semiconductors under


I’m long semi conductors and nothing of late has changed my mind. The chip shortage is a temporary thing and the bottleneck is expected to ease into the second half of this year and 2022. Given the demand is still there, and will most likely increase, the chip makers should be able to ramp up supply and increase capacity leading to increased profits in the medium to long term. I would however be interested to hear the bear case against semiconductors as I am fairly biased on this topic.