Soaring numbers are quitting Catholic Church in Poland, say activists

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Right on – the less power that fucking cult has the better – pedo fucking scum.


Same thing that happened in the US, IMO. Church gets political, and tries to get religious nonsense codified into civil law. People (especially *young* people) with progressive social tendencies stop being passive about the religion they grew up with. They want to make a personal statement. I’d think that since Poland has had so much exposure to Western European secular ideas since the ‘fall of communism’, younger citizens react much more quickly to the theistic threat than we’ve done in the US. I hope so, anyway. Here in the US, it’s becoming a bigger battle than I thought it would (Trump elected, etc.).


Good. Fuck the bigots. Catholic leadership doesn’t get it. Letting the extremists run the show, is causing your organization to bleed members. And fucking apologize for shit


Everything that happens is god’s will, right? Doing anything to counter this is going against the will of god. Going against the will of god is doing the work of Satan.


Yep. I was raised catholic in Poland, but I don’t live there anymore. When I was a kid in the 90s, every church in town was packed on a regular Sunday. Now, my parents say that you won’t even have problems finding a free seat on the Christmas Eve. I’ve read somewhere, that even though 90% of Polish people are baptised, roughly 36% of those attend mass. I can only see this number going down when people are no longer ashamed of quitting.