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It’s almost as if there were completely different people buying and selling, and not a single entity known as “the market”. Yesterday: people/institutions more bearish or worried about some risk quick to sell on COVID bad news and market starting to drop. Today: people/institutions less concerned about COVID news looking for bargains because they think the market is still in a good growth stage. Me: did nothing because who truly knows WTF goes on from day-to-day. I’m comfortable with what I hold, so I hold.


Today I waited for a position I’m not enamored with to climb back up to my cost basis price, then I liquidated it. I don’t want to get caught in the next dip without cash to deploy!


It’s just the media trying to attribute reasons to why the stock market goes up or down. Somtimes there is no particular reason, but the media must apply a reason as to why.


Didn’t do anything either. With no dry powder and a slight margin balance that I need to resolve first, I missed the fire sales.


God I wish I bought the dip yesterday