Studio Ghibli anime museum gets saved by crowdfunding money. Over $200,000 raised to help save the Studio Ghibli Museum, the money is needed for necessary repairs and maintenance.

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What the fuck?! Ghibli is doing so poorly financially that they need crowdfunding in order to do basic repairs and maintenance?


1) Mitaka is in the middle of nowhere. Not far from Tokyo, but no other attractions nearby. 2) You can’t just arrive there and enter. Reservations have always been required, even before Covid. 3) Covid shutdowns


I didn’t even hear that they were in trouble. We visited there pre covid, and it was a magical experience!


Went to Japan in late 2019. The Ghibli Museum was very high on the list for places to visit but we couldn’t make it happen. The details are a bit fuzzy but from what I remember: We had to make a reservation 6 months before the visit and not a day sooner. So we all set calendar reminders and starting trying to get tickets in June for a November visit. It was sold out/unable to process by the time we could order tickets. There was also some odd black out dates we could not book at all. Other comments mentioned how hard it is to visit and my experience goes with that trend. We were able to visit Skytree, Teamlabs and a hundred other cool places but not Ghibli Museum.


This place is awesome. I loved my visit there.