Teen driver swerves to miss squirrel, crashes into Lincoln’s historic family home

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No word on the squirrel? Shoddy reporting.


Lincoln’s great grand pa shouldn’t have built the house so close to the road.


Best part of this is that the “ancestral house” is a dumpy, poorly-maintained mid-century POS. “Built in 1650” my arse. Maybe a couple bits of wood & subfloor. The rest is disposable 1962 crap. Looks like it’s been newly-built and rebuilt a few times then left to sit. Needs, at most, a sign saying “Lincoln’s family once owned a house here” and done.


Squirrels 1. Lincolns 0.


Squirrels run in a zig zag. Chances are if you swerve to avoid it, you’ll end up hitting it. It’s best to continue on your merry way and let the squirrel do its thing.