Tesla allowing home batteries in California to participate in utility scale virtual power plant

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Solar + Wind + Storage = Electrify Everything. It’ll give us clean, abundant, reliable power. These next ten years will be a decade of insane change.


I’m really excited about these. We’ve electrified almost everything in the house now and have a Powerwall on order. The struggle will be incumbent utilities who view this stuff as a threat. Producing and distributing the power puts them in a bit of a conflict, not all see the opportunity But as these projects show success I’m sure everyone will see there’s a much better power grid waiting to happen


This seems like a great idea to move forward with, I would be a little concerned to store the battery in or right outside the house. Maybe like a small shed that is cooled, with a built in fire suppression system. You have to make sure there are extra measures taken if the idea is to distribute huge house batteries out to the public.


Yeah, you know that thing you bought to store power at your end? Yeah, we’re just going to use that power so you don’t have it stored.