The billionaire space race is a glut of waste and ego

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So when it transforms to commercial suborbital flight anywhere in the planet in 60 minutes that would be awesome…. airlines were for the rich when they started.. so were ships ….if it’s new it’s going to be expensive


Well us poors ain’t gonna do it


Is it really though? NASA has historically struggled with cost over runs and failed launches and huge budgets ($23.3 billion in 2020) and these guys have come up with reusable rockets and reusable capsules and seem to be making progress toward a more productive, cost effective, quicker way to launch things into space.


Space exploration may one day save us all, provide alternatives to plundering the planet and reveal things that really matter. If this grandstanding and dick measuring is part of how investment gets made and technology developed, we may live to see it as vital in the long run.


The joyride is just to get it working and proven safe for humans. There’s work for these rockets when they’re evolved into more capabilities. You don’t just launch to Mars on the first go.