The SolarWinds Hack (2021) – The Largest Cyber Espionage Incident In the United States [00:26:00]

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Wow why wasn’t Biden doing enough to stop this hack that was conducted October 2019. Sad!


Just want to clear up any misunderstanding caused from this post. It was not my intention to mislead people into thinking the hack was somehow president Bidens fault. I understand I made an amateur mistake with the thumbnail – this has now been corrected. I merely thought that having a recognizable face in the thumbnail would bring in more attention, but clearly didn’t put enough thought into what it would imply. (Unfortunately, this thumbnail change will not be replicated on the static image in this subreddit, but rest assured, it has been changed on the page.) Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I’ll make sure to keep this in mind for the future. Cheers!


So my employment is at the center of this. I feel like this documentary was made by someone with access to Getty images and the Fox News cycle. Did you do any research?


The largest cyber espionage incident that WE KNOW OF.


It’s only a small thing but I found the ‘mouse click sound was a bit too loud. I had the volume at a level where the voice over was good. The click seemed loud by comparison