‘There are possibilities everywhere’: US workers demand a better deal – Labour shortages have given employees the upper hand in negotiations with companies

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It’s time to stop calling companies not paying a living wage a labor shortage..


This “labor shortage” is only in low wage jobs like restaurants and retail that pay absolute shit. I’ve been applying to warehouse jobs and various forklift jobs that pay $15+ an hour which I have 5 years of experience and I haven’t even gotten an interview.


Labour shortage means a lot of things, people hear labour shortage and their mind goes to “everywhere is hiring! How can everyone not want to work!”. When in reality labour shortage could actually mean that low-skill, low-income positions are readily available. Not many educated professionals wanna go back to McDonald’s….


Labor shortage?! I’ve been trying to find a new job for 8 months now and haven’t even had an interview. I’m applying for jobs “below” my skill set just to get out of a toxic work environment. I’m willing to take a pay cut. Work nights and still nothing.


There *should* be better possibilities….but employers are still struggling and not seeing a positive outlook for the near future between the resurgences in Covid, major supply shortages, and near future economic downturns. Employers are struggling to hire and are presenting some slightly better pay, but mostly just throwing out weak sign on bonuses and fluffy stuff, from what I’ve seen.