Those who spend more time speaking tend to emerge as the leaders of initially leaderless groups, according to new research. This effect, known as the “babble hypothesis” of leadership, appears to occur regardless of the intelligence or personality traits of group members.

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I find that most people are too lazy or shy to talk in a group. People do not care who the leader is as long as it isn’t them. Most people will go along with anything for the sake of convenience.


This is what we call “Bullshitting your way to the top” (roughly translated) over here. The idea that just talking a lot about anything related to what’s going on can get you to the top, whether you know what you’re talking about or not.


I always had to be the leader because I went back to college at 25. It’s really all about people who don’t care if they are embarrassing! As an older student I honestly didn’t care about anything except getting my degree because my ex husband wouldn’t even let me leave the house! No special tricks just learn to public speak and not care what people are thinking about you. You will most likely never see most of them again!


I remember when i was in the army and my commander needed a volunteer to take lead for a recon mission(much walking). The squad went silent as a graveyard and I whispered very low to myself something like “no way”. The commander heard me and pointed at me “you talked, you take lead”.


Do all leaders need to be the smartest in the group, though? I think a good leader is simply somebody who has a balanced way of managing a project and its resources.