TIL a large amount of Japanese companies are owned by ‘Keiretsu’, mega conglomerates of companies historically run by families. One of these Keiretsu, Sumitomo Group, owns Mazda, NEC Corporation, and Nippon Steel, and traces its history back to a Copper Refining business started 1615.

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I still think the word Zaibatsu sounds better


South Korea also have something quite similar to this. It’s called chaebol, conglomerates that are owned by families, although the chaebol don’t have long history like the zaibatsu and keiretsu. And chaebol are still owned by families nowadays, unlike keiretsu


I learned this years ago from the 1993 classic “Rising Sun.” Wherein Sean Connery is an expert on the intricacies of Japanese business culture and Tia Carrera is a whiz at video editing. Sean Connery’s character is also named John Connor.


This is pretty much the start of a dystopic science fiction film.


I worked for a Japanese bank that traces its roots back to the 1400s. Was pretty cool to get a bit of that history