TIL: Around 120 million years ago there still existed snakes which had not yet fully lost their limbs as all modern snakes have. The species is known as Tetrapodophis and had 4 tiny limbs on its otherwise snake-like body.

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Don’t some snakes still have useless legs underneath their scales though? they have no use for them but I heard some are still born with two back legs hiding under the scales


So…a lizard ?


*I have had it with these motherfucking Tetrapodophis on this motherfucking plane* Samuel L Jackson’s ancestor


Ohhh they got them strong hands!


Nobody’s talking about the drama on the Tetrapodophis wikipedia page; When asked why he didn’t have a Brazilian scientist in the describing team, as required by Brazilian law, Martill responded:[4] > But what difference would it make? I mean, do you want me also to have a black person on the team for ethnicity reasons, and a cripple and a woman, and maybe a homosexual too just for a bit of all round balance? … If you invite people because they are Brazilian then people will think that every Brazilian author on a scientific paper is there because he is Brazilian and not because he is a clever scientist Martill stated in 2020 that his comments were poorly worded.[5]danatron1