TIL that during WWII approximately 18,500 B-24s were produced, making it the world’s most-produced bomber and American military aircraft in history. At its peak one B-24 was being produced every 59 minutes, a rate that exceeded the military’s ability to use the aircraft.

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What’s the old line? Good generals know strategy and tactics; great generals know logistics. A bomber every hour, a Jeep every minute, a new Liberty ship every day. No way Germany or Japan could keep up.


Russians managed to produce 36 thousand of Ilyushin Il-2 in just 5 years, between 1941 and 1945. This is the second most produced airplane in the world, bested only by Cessna 172, which has been produced for 65 years.


I worked at plant 2 for 5 years.


I’ve read it was a bitch to fly.


And this is exactly why the allies won the war. For every good aircraft or tank the Germans built the allies were making 10 that were good enough.