TIL that in 1196 AD, Al-Aziz Uthman, Saladin’s son and the Sultan of Egypt, attempted to demolish the pyramids, starting with that of Menkaure. Workmen recruited to demolish the pyramid stayed at their job for eight months, but found it almost as expensive to destroy as to build. They mostly failed.

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Actually they demolished the pyramid, but they had to put the stones somewhere. So they stacked the stones and got a shape that pretty much resembles to a pyramid.


They’ll probably find out they’re like icebergs and the bit we see , is just the tip.


Why destroy the pyramids?


The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and the Lighthouse of Alexandria both still existed in 1196. If this attempt had succeeded, the Pyramids would have been the fifth of the Seven Wonders to go.


I feel like now it’s a lot easier to destroy the pyramid than to build it with modern tools. As long as you’re ok with the nuclear radiation.