TIL that some grocers in Korea package their bananas in bunches of different ripeness, allowing you to eat properly yellow ones them over the course of several days.

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I usually buy mine just starting to turn yellow then separate them at home on the counter by a foot or so to stop the ethylene gas from ripening them so fast. They usually last the whole week without going bad. Edit: My reply is probably going to be lost in the many other replies, so I just will also post it here. Studies such as the one by Burg and Burg from the University of Miami have shown as little as 0.1 ppm of ethylene gas can cause bananas to ripen. It doesn’t take much if they’re in close enough proximity.


“They come in their own handy biodegradable packaging!” *”No. More plastic.”*


Yeah my walmart has this too, it’s called “tearing a banana off a bunch in the store is not illegal, just don’t be an ass and bruise the ones you’re not buying, get a few of different ripenesses” and the best part is there’s no plastic this way


How much does one cost? 11,500 won?


We have it in the UK too, usually labelled something like “Eat & Keep”