TIL the number of rhinos poached in Kruger National Park increased from 13 in 2007 to 1215 in 2014. In just 4 years, a specially trained Belgian Malinois named ‘K9 Killer’ led to the arrest of more than 115 rhino poachers illegally hunting in the park and awarded a PDSA Gold Medal for his service.

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Just make poaching a poacher a sport


Belgian Malinois is a type of dog.


Firstly a small correction to the Wikipedia article – **Nationwide** figures have increased from 13 poached rhinos in 2007 to 1,215 in 2014. It’s also worth noting that Rhino horn sales were banned in 2009 allowing the price of illegal sales to skyrocket.


The coolest part is that the dog had to be desensitized to the smell of wild animals from a young age because it is meant to only hunt humans.


K9 Killer also took all their teeth as trophies ​ lol obivously jk but can you imagine