Total COVID-19 cases rise to 71 at Tokyo Olympics

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Weird how absolutely nobody saw this coming.


Over 80% of the Japanese public opposes the Olympics proceeding as scheduled in Tokyo. Less than 30% of the Japanese population has been vaccinated (at least one dose), per Reuters. The IOC does not require participating Olympic athletes to be vaccinated. The Japanese government isn’t going to cancel the Olympics because of how one-sided the IOC contract is, where the government calling off the Olympics or enacting local emergency measures which would prevent the games from being completed in-full could be considered a breach of contract and leave the host with the entire bill + full liability for any third party lawsuits. Even if Tokyo invoked a force majeure type clause in their contract, the IOC is under no obligation to recognize it. ​ Sounds like everyone is doing great!


Maybe having the Olympics on the tail end of a pandemic isnt such a good idea. I would have thought vaccines would have been mandatory to compete.


Maybe they can beat the world record. Already have the Olympic record


I love the Olympics. Every year it’s on, I stay up into the wee hours watching whatever I can find on local stations. I download the Olympic app to keep track of my favorite events. The 2020 Olympics were going to be great. Local time, opening and closing events with entertainers I know. ~~Now, I could care less.~~ Now, I could or couldn’t give a flying fuck or two shits. The IOC and Tokyo government have proven that this event has nothing to do with the athletes, spirit of competition, or uniting the world for two weeks. It’s just about how much money they can shove up their own asses. Thank god for Netflix. ​ EDIT: Fixed the phrase “I could care less” because that seemed to be the only thing people noticed in this comment.