U.S. inflight disturbances jump 500%, 85 TSA officers assaulted

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We are in the midst of a raging entitlement pandemic. So many people so powerfully concerned only with themselves.


If we could get to Fifth Element where all passengers are knocked out during the flight in individual pods, I would be so happy.


Crack the hammer down: start issuing multi-year bans from flying.


As a 50 year old with young children I find that many people my age and older, act much more childish than my children.


I fly fairly often for work—prior to the pandemic I was at companion pass with SWA which is like 100 or something flights a year. My travel dropped off a bit during 2020 but now I’m back to normal. People are outrageous at the airport now. Not only is it a seemingly higher incidence rate of rudeness, entitlement, and dare I say narcissism? But what I’ve really noticed is the uptick in profound dumbasses. Like the sort of nitwits you almost sit back and marvel at as they struggle with their own stupidity. I’ve never “enjoyed” travel, I like the points and going to new places, but the actual flight has always sucked, I didn’t mind being at the airport—I really like Denver and Minneapolis for a lay over. But now it oscillates between dread of dealing with assholes and the joy of watching dipshits in action.