US renews ‘public health emergency’ due to Covid-19 pandemic

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If you read the article, this is just another 90 day renewal of the public health emergency. And declaring the emergency is necessary in order for the vaccines to be available on an emergency use authorization – otherwise we’d have to wait for full FDA approval. Plus the White House was open about the fact that they would renew it.


This is not news. Just a renewal of the “emergency” tag to free up resources. Go about your day.


Just when you thought it would get cancelled, back for another season


Here’s the useful quote: “A public health emergency declaration, which can last for the duration of the emergency or 90 days, allows for the emergency use authorization of vaccines, the access of certain funds to address the emergency, and the deployment of military trauma care providers, among other factors.”


The rich, corporations, politicians were so eager to force things back to a normal we’ll never have again and are prolonging a fucking pandemic. Meanwhile billionaires are fucking off to space for shits and giggle. Edit: What I mean by normal, folks, is the shit uncovered by the pandemic and the mechanisms of power and how against regular people it all is. We suspected, but the disdain the ruling class has for the working class is wild and that pandora’s box can’t be closed. I’m vaxxed my regular life is as normal as it can be, but we can’t go back to what was before in the abstract. I mean we got people who’d literally rather die than vax up (alot have) causing this thing to last even longer than it needs to be, forced back to work with them, etc. At this rate if they keep this shit up even more variants may come out. Shit even Hannity had to walk his shit back.