Wall Funk finally got her flight to space. It was a moment of reckoning for an aviation pioneer, who in the 1960s—as part of a group of female aviators—tried to open space travel for women.

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Say what you will about bezos, but taking Wali up was a classy move. Good job Jeff


That white jumpsuit she’s wearing in the thumbnail is fire. Where can I get that? Besides becoming a badass female aviator, of course.


Did you know that Blue Origin flew higher than the Karman Line, the internationally recognized start of space? And did you see how big their windows are? Did I mention the Karman Line?!?


Very interesting life story. Would be cool if they invited her for a trip to the moon as well!


Bozos leached on her life’s history simply and to glorify his own wretched banalities. Maybe she should have shown him the door at the top of the ride.