We could solve so many of our problems if we had the level of medical and technological sophistication that conspiracy theorists assume we have.

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Forget technology, if we even had the bureaucratic efficiency, integrity, and competency required to keep such gigantic conspiracies running we could accomplish so much more.


Conspiracy theory obsession is the same impulse seen in the devoutly religious – a want for an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent force that controls everything and has designs, for better or for worse, not only on everyone else, but on the individual’s entire life. Sometimes the comfort from these beliefs comes from the thought that somewhere, someone has complete power, and that whatever happens, it’s all part of someone’s plan.


“We” don’t have shit. But are there epic resorts with millions of dollars of health tech that only the elite can enjoy? Fuck yeah there is. Even just think of all the organ transplanting, stem cell and gene therapies. With the right money a lot of crazy and almost unimaginable stuff is available.


Imagine the potential of having nano chips they claim we have . Nano electronics, it would changed our medical, biology, physics everything… The potential are endless…. Imagine the advances we can make in gamings and entertainment also