What can I do to move out of my parents house?

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People seem to generally dislike this answer, but roommates. It can easily cut NY rent by an extra $500/mo. I know a lot of people are dead set on living on their own but if you’re single male (are you?) making less than $50k in NY, you should definitely at least consider it. An extra $6k in your pocket every year is a big deal at that income level. If you do end up with roommates, just make sure to properly screen them.


Roommates man. You are at the stage in your life where you simply must accept having roommates. Check rooms/shares on Craigslist. I did this from 18-25 and I now own a house and am happily married with 1 kid at 30.


How much is you car payment and loan balance? Have you considered starting with a roommate? That could be a huge help in moving out.


Consider being the roommate instead of finding a roommate for your place.


Find a roommate to split the rent. There’s no shame in not living on your own as a young adult. You can always change roommates if they don’t work out, but you can’t change your parents in their own home.