What do you think you are doing wrong, but are too scared to ask somebody?

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I have no idea if my lunch break is an hour or 30 minutes. Where my office is located in my building, my boss and co-workers can’t see me leave for lunch. When I started, I just began taking hour lunches like I did at my last job. Recently I heard a co-worker mention taking her 30 minute lunch. I’ve been taking hour long lunches for 6 years and it’s way past the point of asking….


Supervising. I am put in the position but just rely on the efficiency of my subordinates. As soon as there’s someone who’s lazy or a troublemaker I’ve got to figure out how to learn


How to handle anger? I’m too embarrassed to ask


Kissing. I’ve had no complaints but it’s not really something your parents taught you to do properly (unless you’re into that)


I feel like I’m really articulate when I’m going about my day especially over text, but as soon as I get into a verbal disagreement it’s like my fucking brain shuts off and I forget how to think. Like a deer in the headlights. I don’t remember it always being this way but it’s like I’ve got this huge amount of social anxiety in those situations now and I struggle to accurately express myself. Edit: Wow. Wasn’t expecting all the replies. Woke up to a ton of notifications and I was like “Oh no. What’d I do.” Lol Sorry I can’t get to everyone, but thank you!!