What is something you thought was hot in theory but turned out not to be in practice?

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In the heat of the moment, I thought it would be hot to passionately rip my wife’s bra off. She was FURIOUS that I ruined one of her good bras.


Licking chocolate sauce off my partner. As soon as I painted it on him, I looked at it and just realised it looked a lot like shit. Couldn’t do it with a straight face.


For me personally, turns out being tied up will induce a full blown panic attack. A naked dude with a flaccid ass cock, crying and hyperventilating while too restricted to wipe his eyes, turns out NOT to be a super hot look.


Edible underwear. It’s a funny gag gift to give, but not practical at all. It’s a fruit roll up in the shape of a bikini bottom. It doesn’t fit, it wants to melt at body temperature, and food near naughty bits is sometimes hygienically questionable.


Sex in the shower. Maybe we are doing it wrong, but it’s too complicated and water is not lube. However, foreplay in the shower? Still very hot. Edit: additional comment