Would you take an almost $8000 pay cut to do a job you love if you hated your current one?

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I just took a 26% pay cut to do the same exact job but with a better atmosphere and more time with my family. Some things are more important than $ (assuming you make a living wage)


I went from 82K to 65K when I moved from my last job and it was the best decision I’ve ever made because I stopped hating going to work and didn’t feel like shit every single day. I took a pay cut and got my life back. Since then I’ve gotten back to where I was before in salary,, am in a better position with more growth potential, and am just much happier overall. There’s more to life than a paycheck.


I did exactly the title. Left a job making 80k for one making 72k. That’s 10%. You’re talking 8k off 42k? That’s like 20%! For me, the mental benefits were worth it, but I wasn’t starving. For you, I’d be concerned if you didn’t have that second income. But since you do, go get your happiness! You Only Live Once.


It’s all really about quality of life. Me personally, I couldn’t go from 42 to 34 with the cost of living how it is. If you still live comfortably at 34, sure go for it. You could always get back in to teaching at some point and this job still looks good during a teaching interview. Would I? Nope. But your heart seems in it. I’m sure there will be future opportunities perhaps to advance with this passion. In short, if you can afford it, try it. Beware, just because it’s your passion doesn’t mean it will be a good environment. Doesn’t mean it won’t, but I’ve seen people do “what they love” and learn that it’s better off as a hobby. Just word of caution.