Yangism… a relatively obscure ancient Chinese philosophy that emphasizes the individual.

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Oh and there’s a subreddit dedicated to this r/yangism


Is there a yingism


Kangism is an MCU philosophy that emphasizes multiple versions of the same individual.


I have encountered the term “Yangism” in study, but never with anything detailed. Thank you for posting this. I really enjoy the ancient Chinese philosophers to the Hellenic most of the time. I don’t find them more profound, just more approachable. This may be because translation necessarily makes it more “plain language”, but the earthy wisdom and humor speaks to me more than the dry (and obviously amazing) Aristotle. What I find interesting about most Chinese philosophy from the period is that there is a distinct impression that folks like Lao Tzu, Chuang, Mo, Mr. Yang, and even Kung (some times) are in opposition to the current governing principles, almost like the academy of today. Here you find a man telling people how awful it is to govern (and others go so far as to say its a nasty piece of business, only fit for fools!) people to the governors face! It makes me think of an Noam Chomsky or someone.


ah so this is what all that “Yang 2020” stuff was about