61% of Canadians prefer a hybrid or remote work model. A ‘Work Anywhere’ Workplace is What Canadian Employees Actually Want Today

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That seems lower than I expected. I wonder how many would like the *option*, rather than an enforced remote or hybrid.


I’ve been working from home fully for five years, and 50/50 for ages before that. I love the lack of commute. I can take a break whenever I want to do something productive or fun at home with my stuff, instead of go walk around and buy snacks at the store. I am deadline based for what I do, so no check-ins needed. Means I can work at night and day. Spread my hours out. I get to spend time with my kid, instead of them going to daycare. There’s so many benefits to it. Negatives would mostly be on the social side. But having a kid is mostly the factor in that. You just aren’t socializing as much during work hours, is all.


Maybe nothing wrong with them but I have come across many older managers who can’t seem to get out of the “line of sight managing” they cannot grasp that you don’t have to be watching the people in person for them to do the work. For some in management it remains about controlling people rather than ensuring tasks are done and goals are met. Which is what managing is actually about.


Anything is better than the crappy open office concept I had to endure the last decade or so. Literally a desk with a 1 foot wall.


I love working at home. The new job I have doesn’t have an office. I wouldn’t want to go back to a cubical unless absolutely necessary. A meeting every week or two in person? Yah. I’m down with that.