A grandfather died of a heart attack after minors swatted him over his rare Twitter handle – One person responsible faces five years in prison, another is too young to be extradited

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How is this still a thing? They should be charged with second or third degree murder at least manslaughter regardless of age. Edit: It’s even worse if you read the article. >was organized on Discord in an attempt to intimidate Herring into handing over his valuable @tennessee Twitter handle Those mfs knew what they were doing.


I’m surprised how this has been going on for years now and we don’t have legislation to the effect of: “Knowingly making a fake report that results in an armed response from a law enforcement unit carries a penalty of 15 years in prison and up to a $50,000 fine” Or something to the same tune as the signs about injuring a construction worker. It would get like zero backlash right? It can’t be cheap to mobilize SWAT and then deal with all the paperwork from a fake call even when nothing bad happens like this.


>A second minor, from the UK, called the local police department to make the false report. Anyone a little puzzled as to why a police department in Tennessee sent a full SWAT team to a house based on a call coming from the UK? I’d be extremely reluctant to send such a team in any scenario, but the first step has to be to make sure the distress call comes from inside the house, right?


5 years is a joke. He murdered someone. So did the brat in UK. Swatting needs to be charged as attempted murder or murder as in this case.


Gaming, esp as a women, with kids like those makes it impossible to enjoy. I am STILL doxxed on Reddit (thanks Reddit for taking it down / s) twice, stalked, harassed, my Discord had to be shut down. It really does get as bad as headlines make it.