A man goes in for a prostate exam

The gentlemen is waiting for the doctor to come in and start the examination. The young doctor comes in and greets the patient explaining that he will conduct the exam and grabs a pair of gloves. The doctor then says “ Okay Steve this is your first Prostate exam, don’t get an errection. The patient then replies “uhh my name is not Steve!?!” The doctor says “ I know, my name is Steve”.

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During the exam, the doctor asks, “Hey, you want to see a magic trick?” The man says, “OK, sure.” “Well, you feel my thumb up there in your ass?” the doctor asks. “Yeah…” the man replies. The doctor waves both hands in front of the man’s face. “Ta-da!”


A guy with green beans stuck in his ears goes to the doctor. “Doc, ya gotta help me,” he moans, “I feel terrible.” The doctor says, “Well I can tell just by looking at you, you’re not eating right.”


Steve is the bus driver.


I bet he’ll never go back to that dentist again.


After his prostate exam was done and the doctor left, the nurse came in and said the 5 words no one ever wants to hear. “Who the hell was that?”