After getting a decent set of speakers, what little bits in songs did you finally notice?

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Until I got a good setup I had no idea what most songs bass lines were unless it was boosted like crazy.


Being a drummer one of my favorite songs to play has always been “truth hits everybody” by the police. A decade and some really nice headphones with a DAC later i realized some of what sounded like ride cymbal parts were actually played on his hi-hat. I know it seems trivial but as an ear trained musician I always replicated other drummers note for note to learn their styles and that revelation led to finding a technique Copeland uses on many songs.


At the very beginning of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, you can hear a male voice saying “Ahhhhh” like he’s disappointed about something. It happens right before the first note is played, but it’s super quiet so you have to turn the volume way up.


After decades of listening to it on ‘whatever,’ I heard the production genius of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds album. *Every instrument* is perfection!


The keyboard bass on Bob Marley’s tracks is almost non existent on tinny speakers, when I got my first proper stereo with big speakers, you can hear a completely different melody under the main song being played on bass.